On clarity, purpose, and the how to get in touch with the things we automatically know.

October 2022

Trains, tracks, and passing through life's phases.

September 2022

As busy as I've ever been, swimming in the Void.

August 2022

A successful launch party, more big life news, and a story from Topanga Canyon.

July 2022

Would they be impressed? Decision-making, intuition, and wisdom from our inner munchkins.
Celebrating the life and style of a bygone birthday girl.
Anyone who has ever quit anything knows all too well that it’s never just about the cessation of the thing. It’s about what drives us to the precipice…

June 2022

The early reviews are in. Here's what happens next.
What it took to get here, and what to do next.
“Let the world burn through you. Throw the prism light, white hot, on paper.” —Ray Bradbury
Sniffles, book news, and hitting the podcast circuit.

May 2022

Nostalgia, white fur, and a book cover reveal.